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People can find spectacular deals at auctions too. We believe you should be able to have lots of fun at an auction and many of our patrons will come back again and again. If you are a prospective consignor, give us a call and talk to us as we can offer a customized approach to selling your items by way of Auction or we can offer various methods including, Tag Sale, Liquidation Sale and we can design a custom sale that often can sell all or most of your items in as little as one day most of the time. We are very competitive, our fees are industry standard, and we employ the use of modern technology to assist us in conducting the sale in an efficient and effective manner. We are especially interested and specialize in estate downsizing. Rather you are an executor of an estate, trustee of an estate, or a homeowner looking to downsize, we have the ability to customize a plan to help you sell your items effectively and quickly. There is almost no such thing as junk in the auction industry. Many people have attics or basements full of old toys, collectables and magazines. Often, these items can be sold with a reasonable return and too often people have thrown items away to later learn they could have earned them money rather than pay out money to have someone haul them away to a landfill or facility. Are you paying high monthly fees to store furniture in a storage locker or building not knowing what to do with the items? Instead of them being a drain on your wallet, why not consider selling the items via auction?

Our various types of Auctions and Services we are offering are located here.

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